Purchasing / Procurement Services

ATSM offers experienced purchasing and procurement services to our clients. This service ensures that ATSM Trade is able to fulfill client requests crucial for delivery guarantee. Whether you are in need of order placements to packaging equipment ATSM can help and provide to suit your needs

Transport and Logistics

The ATSM have experience in all kinds of transportation that is required for projects. These include trucking and rail transportation on land as well as sea freight by either conventional or chartered vessel. Air freight can also be arranged for special deliveries or for spare parts. Often, a combination of transport methods is necessary to move the goods to job location. ATSM has experience with these requirements. Organizing central points of inspection and collection of materials for onward shipment are part of the day to day disciplines covered by the ATSM group. Importation of materials and customs clearance into the final country of destination can also be handled by our shipping department. Final deliveries through to job location are also included in the service package that which we offer.

Sales and Procurement

Whether it is that single item you needed yesterday or your complex request for quotation with technical specifications consisting of over 500 line-items, our sales engineers will source and find what you or your clients are looking for.

Detailed knowledge of manufacturer’s capabilities and capacities are an essential element in project work. The group operates systems for approved manufacturers which includes all the recognized first   class manufacturers and some who are internationally less well known.


Whenever inspection (material, certificates, packing and marking etc.) is required, our quality department coordinates with your assigned inspection-agency.

QA/QC Department

Quality management is an integral part of the ATSM organization. The system is designed to ensure that all customers’ requirements are met, whilst retaining the ability to act quickly without being stifled by bureaucracy. Decision-making is local but with inbuilt checks and balances to ensure the elimination of errors.


ATSM has a department entirely dedicated to overseeing client contract tracking, supplier contacts and deliveries.

A single contact person is assigned to each client in an effort to streamline, to the greatest extent possible, administrative paperwork while ensuring orders are being filled successfully.

This department also provides clients with an up-to-date status report on order progress.

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